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Residence Pozzo al Moro
Loc. Pozzo al Moro - Marina di Campo
Insel Elba

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Pozzo al Moro Village is located in a peaceful country area. The center of Marina di Campo is just 1Km of level road away on the east side, and the bay of Cavoli is 3Km on the west. A big public area with shadowed spaces for parkings, plays for kids, gardens, a swimming pool and a soccer field is totally available to our guests.

Residence at Marina di Campo

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Appartments Marina di Campo Insel Elba (Residence Pozzo al Moro)


Der Residence Pozzo al Moro ist 1 km, geht es aus von Marina di Campo in Richtung Cavoli Seccheto. Wir folgen den Hinweisen für Procchio, Marina di Campo von Portoferraio (in alles über 19 km).

GPS Position: N 42,74395   E 10,21927
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We have at your disposal several kind of apartment, from the one-room, suitable for two persons, to the many-rooms or villas lodging up to 7-8 peoples. All ours apartments are recently built and furnished in a complet, modern and practical way with kitchen, frigidaire, two-holes wash-basin, cutlery, kitchenware, pots, and many other accessories. We give also the bed-linen and a towel-set (with weekly change) for each person . Each apartment diposes also of a private outdoor shadowed and furnished area, where to have dinner and to stay with friends. The water supply, provided also through our well, is abundant throghout all the summer season.

In Pozzo al Moro the days pass quietly: the kids can play without any danger, and the adults enjoy their holidays in a relaxing, comfortable and elegant environment. The sea is a few minuts away: the big sand-beach of Marina di Campo and the smaller one of Galenzana are at one side, while on the other side you can choose among the beaches of Colle Palombaia, Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia... All these are at a few minuts by car or by bicycle. Then, coming back home, the big shadowed areas invite you to rest.

The available apartments are of different kinds and took the name from flowers and plants. In particular we have at our disposal

one room apartments (A and B): Giglio, Ciclamino, Fiordaliso, Magnolia, Rosa, Ginestra, Forsizia, Mughetto, Dulcamara, Mimosa;

two rooms apartments (type C, D and D1): Genziana, Viola, Iris, Girasole, Margherita, Azalea, Ortensia, Glicine, Gelsomino; Genziana,

three rooms apartments (tipo E, F and G): Primula, Narciso, Lillà, Biancospino, Tulipano, Geranio, Lavanda

  Strand Marina di Campo

Marina di Campo

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Residence Pozzo al Moro
Marina di Campo

Tel. +39 0565 977761
Cell. +39 328 8871005

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